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Good Luck Digital Greeting Ecosphere


Ecosphere: Promote the sharing of spiritual insights, practice and meditation experiences, original chicken soup for the soul and literary works with good luck cryptocurrency, connect the metaverse and the perception of the designed "original universe", and bless mankind towards a better eternity spiritual world.


" Human beings have been "being" in a decentralized earth environment from the beginning, and now they have created a decentralized data element space by themselves, which makes me reflect on the leap of upper and lower dimensions. Friends who relize this, you must have interstellar thinking like me." 

Hello, this is Mark Gu. Our web page and project are in progress, we will continue to explore the applications of meta-universe.

The following are the mind-conscious data products that we continue to launch. Thank you for your attention.

     Good Luck Digital Greeting Coin

  Good Luck Digital Greeting Coin is standard BEP-20 on Binance Smart Chain that extends ERC20 token. It was designed to bring warm greeting and prosperity. It is also a sustainable decentralized application that prouds itself of being the first connection with paperless digital greeting card and blockchain token, capable of allowing users to send greeting to others during the whole life. ​ Good Luck Digital Greeting Coin is the only blockchain energy coins flowing among physical world, spiritual world, and Metaverse! The growing community, is a unique mechanism for coin owners using coins and sharing experience.


  We are block-chain developer and love having the Ethereum 2.0 tech opportunity focuing on digital greeting cards, NFT and tokens with its realization of landing scene. It is the direction of our work to give people comfort in the form of blockchain digital products. Read on, and enjoy this long term journey. More details of development will be published in the Blog section. 


Name:Good Luck Digital Greeting Coin  


Binace Smart Chain address:0x91b75bbf6dbf6082359b74343ddd8eadb8504b8c


Trading Platform:

Official website:



Development Team members:

Mark Gu  - Senior IT developer from a  fortune 500 company

John Heath - DB2 database admin and cloud computing expert

Lisa Tang -  Strategic investor of many chain enterprises

Road Map:

1. Development and publish Son of Bitcoin and Good Luck Coin  - 2021-2022

2. A round of strategic investors convened, redeem coin plan for coin holders - 2022

3. Landing scene applications - using our digital greeting tokens in real life - 2022-2023

4. Web 3.0 appplications for increasing the value of our products - 2023

5. Bitcoin online museum and fans club - 2023

Please visit our statu web page.



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