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About Birthday Block Chain

Good Luck Digital Greeting Coin is standard BEP-20 on Binance Smart Chain developed by BBC studio. It was designed to bring warm greeting and prosperity. You could have a million tokens, send greeting to your friends and customers. The multiple functional Token has been launched on Nov. 19, 2021.

Good Luck Digital Greeting Coin is the only blockchain energy coins flowing among physical world, spiritual world, and Metaverse! The growing community, is a unique  mechanism for coin owners using coins and sharing experience.


BBC team researches and develops block chain technology. Based on a variety of practical experience, we are developing blockchain for small business. BBC develops various additional services based on blockchain platform system, including crypto greeting tokens, paperless greeting cards and digital coupons.

The team has planed to use Binance Coin to pair CAKE as collateral for long-term borrowing, or generate income through ether borrowing, or establish partnerships with technology companies and other institutions that want to obtain Binance coin or bitcoin. We are seeking to obtain additional income from staking positions in various cryptocurrencies including Son of Bitcoin.



Birthday Block Chain Developement Team

Phone: 678-404-0288 (voice)

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