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Development Status

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Birthday Block Chain Development team facused on block chain technology. Based on a variety of practical experience, we are developing blockchain from small business, creating crypto tokens, greeting cards and digital coupon.

We develop various additional services that can be used in real life, based on blockchain platform system.


Smart contract, the token name and code has been designed.

Developing platform: Ethereum Chain ERC-20


Ready to deploy, but found the Ethereum gas fee is too high, so we decide to wait.

Biance account set up, will do more research for Biance chain.


Launched in Biance smart chain.

Name: Good Luck Digital Greeting Coin

Symbol: "LUCK"

Contract address: 0x91b75bbf6dbf6082359b74343ddd8eadb8504b8c



Reviewed 5 requests and approved 1 applicant to be the first distributor holding 10% tokens.

Tested Liquidity Pool from DeFi with PancakeSwap.


Design first happy new year greeting card, will be linked and exchanged with our 'Good Luck Digital Greeting Coin'! LUCK is pratical in real life.


Publish lucky number NFTs in

The First NFT for Lucky Number 888

We accept luck coin to buy our NFTs ! we are now the first player of Lucky Number NFT, and will continue to create lucky number NFT.


We have designed the first metaverse ancestor money - for memory of our ancestor. These virtual money can be exchanged by your Good Luck Coin.

Create Son of Bitcoin:

SonBitcoin Contract address: 0xbd9a457e883783360830db2bdb14189160b8e2a0

This is "Son of bitcoin" developed by BBC team, visit for details Total supply is 21000,000 coin, same as the total amount of bitcoin. The purpose is to alleviate the demand of bitcoin, and reduce the energy of mining, we create this son of bitcoin. We will continue to make this coin/token useful from the real world to metaverse. From first day to second day of each month, we will release 1% coin on PancakeSwap untill out of packet.

We have received positive response about Son of bitcoin! and two investors!

2021-12 -10

Team leader said that in the future, it may use Binance Coin to pair CAKE as collateral for long-term borrowing, or generate income through ether borrowing, or establish partnerships with technology companies and other institutions that want to obtain Binance coin or bitcoin. We are seeking to obtain additional income from staking positions in various cryptocurrencies including Son of Bitcoin.

2021-12 -10

For the future using LUCK and Son of Bitcoin, we participated a farmhouse investment in East US. The token holder will have the choice to enjoy the nature farming vacation using their coins.


Add "Greeting Agent" service.


First Zoom meeting with investors, reveiving many supports!


Participate "The Crypto You" coin mining at :

We are learning App and will design our own App.

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