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Son of Bitcoin - What and Why

"Son of bitcoin" listing announcement

5 cents to buy an achievable dream, the long-term goal is one ten thousandth of the price of Bitcoin The first bitcoin son, with a total volume of 21 million, will open on New Year's Day in 2022. At present, a small amount of 0.0001 Binance currency is exchanged for 1 SONBTC on pancakeswap platform. It has the value of long-term collection and exchange, and at the same time enjoys the landing scene application of the project team every year.

Name: Son of bitcoin Code: SONBTC Binance smart chain contract address: 0x3278d7b421b4d521ec5ffca69391fad08a89c86a Quantity: 21000000

Project team: Birthday Blockchain Studio (Development location is located in Georgia, USA) Trading platform (click to enter):

Official website: Twitter: Telegram group: Participants who hold 10,000 Bitcoins can provide their wallet address and screenshots and email them to The project team will airdrop 1 billion Lucky Coins LUCK to your wallet address. The launch date of Lucky Coins is 2022 during the Spring Festival.

Son of Bitcoin is listing in pancake swap now.
How to buy "Son of Bitcoin" from PancakeSwap: - Download and setup MetaMask or Trust Wallet -Purchase Binance Tokens (BNB) and send them to your wallet ( Or exchange from friends who have BNB using your other tokens) - Go to , click button below and click on the “connect wallet” button. - Insert the amount of BNB you would like to swap for SONBTC - click manage token, copy then paste SONBTC contrack address:
0x3278d7b421b4d521ec5ffca69391fad08a89c86a - Change slippage to between 1% – 3% - Press swap and confirm the pop up - Congratulations you are now amongst the gods in owning Son of bitcoin
Son of Bitcoin

To commemorate the glory of Bitcoin, provide alternative ways to reduce the pressure on Bitcoin demand, and achieve low energy consumption, our team also has created an additional coin - Son of Bitcoin. You can't afford Bitcoin, but you can definitely afford son of Bitcoin.

This is an unique creativity to honor Bitcoin. It also makes up for the regret that the enthusiasts to whom cannot own Bitcoin. The project team will design growing plans for it. A certain number of coin holders will become members of the Bitcoin fan club and receive digital greeting cards and Bitcoin market cards from the project party every year Hope you like it and enjoy the journey。

Name:Son of bitcoin


Binace Smart Chain address:0x3278d7b421b4d521ec5ffca69391fad08a89c86a


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