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Good Luck Digital Greeting Coin

Good Luck Digital Greeting Coin is standard BEP-20 on Binance Smart Chain that extends ERC20 token. It was designed to bring warm greeting and prosperity. You could have a million tokens, send greeting to your friends and customers. The multiple functional Token has been launched on Nov. 19, 2021.


Son of Bitcoin

To commemorate the glory of Bitcoin,  provide alternative ways to reduce the pressure on Bitcoin demand, and achieve low energy consumption, our team also has created an additional coin - Son of Bitcoin. You can't afford Bitcoin, but you can definitely afford son of Bitcoin.

  This is an unique creativity to honor Bitcoin. It also makes up for the regret that the enthusiasts to whom cannot own Bitcoin. The project team will design growing plans for it. A certain number of coin holders will become members of the Bitcoin fan club and receive digital greeting cards and Bitcoin market cards from the project party every year Hope you like it and enjoy the journey。

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Good Luck Digital Greeting Card

Good Luck Greeting Card is assocciated with Lucky Coin to provide encourge message to friends.


Digital Coupon Design and Delivery

Design digital coupon and post for small business, delivery to customers.


For the future using LUCK and Son of Bitcoin, we participated a farmhouse investment in East US. The token holder will have the choice to enjoy the nature farming vacation using their coins. 

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